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Seaview Realtime

An integrated wave, current and wind measurement package, with data viewer, web access facilities, auto-diagnostics for the radar and environmental warning systems

The software ingests Doppler spectra from the HF radar and provides the met-ocean data in real-time locally or on-line.

  • Surface currents are measured from the frequency shift of the two main peaks in the radar power spectrum
  • Wind directions are measured from the integrals proximal to those peaks
  • The full directional wave spectrum is obtained by inversion of the equations of Barrick-Weber; summary parameters such as significant waveheight, peak period and direction are then extracted from the directional spectrum

Seaview Data Viewer

A modern web application for the live monitoring and archival inspection of bulk metocean data

Built upon proven web technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PostGIS and OpenLayers, SVDV offers an intutive and responsive interface to the mass of data delivered by Seaview Realtime.

map interface

Maps of the main parameters with adaptive zoom, full screen, and cell selection to drill down to the highest resolution. Inspect the time-series of selected cells.

The viewer has multiple access layers for users with different needs (data user, technician, administrator) and can be configured to be locked down or open to all as desired.